Kavach Latest: So Sara Khan comes in the show as new Manjulika

Kavach Latest: Sara Khan go in the show as new Manjulika

From Now on Sara Khan will be seen as Manjulika in Mona Singh’s show.

Colors Kavach is getting pace with the time and trying to reach where Naagin was. With every coming episode fan following is burgeoning for supernatural show. And the exclusive new is this new change in the show could be the game changer. We have updated you about Maheck Chahal’s exit and Sara Khan’s entry in the show. And now after some weeks of gossips, Sara Khan finally come in the show replacing Maheck Chahal. Well, with all due respect the actress flops to fulfill the target of previous Manjulika. But let’s see how things will affect the show. Now check out what take place in tonight’s episode.

Poor Pari (Mona Singh) is looking for help from Heera to get a Kawach! But Heera said she knows what she is facing and promises to come back with help, since she is too frail to battle the united dark powers of Saudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar) and Manjulika. But for the time being Heera gives a Kavach to Paridhi in shape of thread which will shield Paridhi and her domestic.

As clock strikes to 7 evil comes to possess Paridhi but this time she have a Kavach to face. New Manjulika (Sara Khan) tries to go in Paridhi’s body but unsuccessful. This time Manjulika fails to miff any person of family. She feebly watches intimate Paridhi and Rajbir (Vivek Dahiya). Groove! She goes for help to her mother Saudamini, who whacks her for being so unaware.

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Saudamini plans big to remove the Kavach of the house. Manjulika and Saudamini decided to execute the plan during the celebration in Bundela house. As Rajbir’s sister is ready to be engaged with her boyfriend. On the other side a stray soul attacked on Rajbir, however he was in car and ultimately meets an accident. Saudamini trapped Paridhi out of the protected house in the con of aiding Rajbir. Pari catches a wounded Rajbir and the idea to remove the Kavach starts working.

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